Lions, Tigers & “Bombogenesis” oh my!

Did you see it? Did you hear it? And did you feel it? We had a rare and unique weather experience today as a Nor’easter really got cranking off shore. This storm “bombed” out as a cyclone bomb called Bombogenesis a word used by meteorologists in the northeast. Without getting too technical Bombogenesis is described in an extreme drop in pressure 24 millibars in 24 hours. These rapidly strengthening storms occur when a large temperature gradient is formed between a cold continental mass of air and warm sea surface temperatures. These air masses mix and form what’s called an “extratropical cyclone with cold air at its core deriving energy from the mixing of hot and cold air masses around it. The exchange of energy creates a summer like environment of lightning and thunder that’s colorful and loud. So, experience this rare event as 10-16 inches of dry snow pour down on us today.
How to prepare for a Bombogenesis? Stock up and stay warm, throw another log on the fire and keep off the roads. This is one cold punch of powder best experienced from behind a window.