Fair weather stretch run to New Years Day

Travel plans the next week in New England? Except for a few showers this Sunday and flurries up north as a modified cold front passes through the area, the weather will be ideal. Partly to mostly skies with highs in the 30’s and low 40’s and lows in 20’s. Not to worry about snowstorms to at least the end of the first week of January. So how’s does the weather look for the rest of the winter? Variable conditions with periods of cold then warm ups with below normal snowfall for now. El Niño will have a say too. Stay tuned.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter?

Merry Christmas! Waking up this morning to a rumble of thunder, heavy rain reminded me that the Holiday season was very confused. It felt like Easter more than Christmas and why not with a temperature of 57 degrees, more in line with a normal low temperature for June 13th not December 25th. Well…. Reality will check in as the skies clear out and the wind picks up making the outdoors feel more like wintertime but still above normal for the last week of 2015. As the clouds are pushed aside the sun will remain a constant through New Years. Any storms will stay away, but temperatures gradually fall with lows in the teens and highs in the low 30’s next week.

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White Christmas just a dream

As of of today there’s only 17% of the United States with snow cover which is an 8 year low for this date. The storm track has had very little cold air support to generate snow this December. So, “Old Farmers Almanac” you’re wrong with your prediction for a thick layer of white covering our landscapes about now. Central and northern Connecticut on average has a 57% chance of a white Christmas, unfortunately not this year. We will have 2 chances in the next week but the weekend event will pass to our south Sunday brushing us with some light precipitation and about Christmas Eve a stronger storm will track to our west with Connecticut in the warmer sector dragging in ocean air producing rain and a gusty southeasterly wind. As we nod off the next several nights your white Christmas will likely be a just a dream.

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Calm before the storm

Word is out that a costal storm will tracking in our direction early this week. Snow or Rain? As of Sunday evening it looks to be all rain with a chance of snow in western Massachusetts and Vermont for the first few hours than it changes to all rain there too. When it does rain it will come down hard especially Tuesday afternoon and evening with a strong easterly wind making the rain to look  like a horizontal sheet of wet which could make umbrellas useless. This stubborn storm may stick around for a couple days but it won’t have the impact of Tuesdays conditions on Wednesday,  just a shower or two with wind.

Many have asked about our chances of a white Christmas this year and will have a discussion about this subject on my next post soon.

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