One step forward and three back

It has to one the longest sustained winters of cold and wind in recent memory. With the spring solstice just around the corner early Thursday afternoon, one will finally feel the suns warmth on your face just to be fooled again that ‘Ol Man Winter has not lost its grip yet as another surge of very cold arctic air will take up residence along the eastern third of the US once again. Really no end in sight for these arctic invasions penetrating our tired souls right now. And the “S” word is certainly not out of the question next week as the cold settles in and a southern storm makes that once too familiar left turn up the eastern seaboard with eyes on New England. Is snowfall unusual this time of the year? No, not at all! The winter of 1995/1996 had several rounds of heavy snowfall in March into early April. Snowfall totaled 115 inches that season, but the cold was definitely easier to take then. Our weather in March can be truly finicky and unpredictable as the sun migrates much higher in the sky. Yes, it’ s one step forward and three backwards for the time being. Stay tuned.