Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

It’s 2 short days before Christmas and we have already past the winter solstice on Friday making each day slowly getting a bit longer but the days will still get progressively colder for the next month. Christmas Eve may have a light covering of snow in the morning especially in northern Connecticut and the Litchfield hills. Just a nuisance event if any. The weather pattern looks to be in for change and very active after the New Year as the Polar Vortex will weaken some but in a position to open the arctic express to plunge southward over the eastern half of the United States. If the jet stream is able to reach far south enough it has a chance to gather Gulf of Mexico moisture and bring this moisture northward up the Atlantic coast. We will have several opportunities for significant snow through February. Stay tuned.
Happy Holidays from WeatherEast.

Fake news? How about a fake weather forecast you may like

So here it goes…Clouds will thicken and lower on Monday Christmas Eve morning with snow breaking out by noon, becoming heavy at times in the afternoon. Our Connecticut landscape will be quickly covered in a mantle of new fresh snow by late Christmas Eve evening. Clearing skies and a full moon will make for a winter wonderland adorning the land. The moon will peak through the departing storm clouds giving all us a chance to see a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer using the bright night orb as a backdrop. We will awaken Christmas morning to a Christmas Card greeting through our frosted windows.
It may be a “fake forecast” but in our dreams it is so real. Perfect.