Charles Miano, founder and operator of WeatherEast holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Earth Science, with a concentration of Meteorology from Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan.

Charles is a trained and certified “Skywatcher” with a designation from Skywarn, a national organization established by NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS). “Skywatcher” weather spotters dedicate themselves to providing timely and accurate reports of severe weather and are recognized by Skywarn as the first line of defense against severe weather.

Statistical data for the Central Connecticut area has been compiled over a span of of four decades. Data is posted on Weather Underground a national network of weather enthusiasts who share their information online at www.wunderground.com. Location KCTNEWBR7

Prior to establishing the WeatherEast website, Charles wrote a weekly weather column and coordinated and designed weather page graphics for a local newspaper.

My plan is to make this local weather website fun and informative about our climate and local weather conditions. I hope to have you interact with your thoughts and questions.

WeatherEast is located in New Britain, Connecticut 06053,