WeatherEast: Your Weather-Proof Forecast Source for Central Connecticut.

Looking for real-time accurate weather information for Central Connecticut?

Want expert feedback about daily weather conditions, meteorological events or historical climate records?

Tired of announcers who just “read” the weather but don’t understand or explain it?

WeatherEast—your interactive, weather-proof, dependable resource for all you need to know to plan your day, family activities and your wardrobe to face the elements.

Want proof why WeatherEast is the ultimate local website for weather junkies or curious novices?

Managed and monitored by Charles Miano (with over 25 years of experience and local perspective as an amateur meteorologist), the site elevates weather information to a new level: “Hyper-local,” meaning you get:

•    Reliable forecasts specifically for greater Hartford area
•    Regional historical weather data
•    New England folklore about storms, moon phases, tides
•    Weather tidbits from fishing to farming
•    Great local weather photos

Plus, you can participate with interactive questions and even send in your pictures of sunsets, snow depths, nature in bloom, outdoor activities, etc., that will be posted to the site.

WeatherEast relies upon state-of-the-art, RainWise MK III weather station components.  A customized, interactive, local atmospheric model software package, developed by nationally-recognized developer, Thomas J. Ehrensperger at WXSIM™, matches the site’s exact geographic coordinates in order to enhance the station accuracy and performance.

The data are compiled, applied and integrated with other weather reporting stations within a 1000-mile radius of WeatherEast headquarters in order to analyze approaching atmospheric dynamics, providing you a “Hyper-local” forecast customized for the Central Connecticut area.

Contact us with your questions, comments and pictures, and visit WeatherEast daily for your “Hyper-local,” weather-proof forecast.

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