50 Days. Play Ball!

That surely would be a welcoming sound today as we endure another wintry day. Old Man Winter is doing his best in delivering a smorgasbord of winter elements. Snow to sleet to freezing rain from a sky that resembles a pallet of natural grays from Benjamin Moore. Also the air encompassing us has a penetrating chill to our core that is not easy to take even with a cup of hot tea. After checking and rechecking models going out to April has us in this same pattern of mixed precipitation followed by a few days of cold and then a warming trend for a couple days. This merry-go-round of changeable weather will likely not have the right ingredients for a full fledge Nor’Easter as approaching storms will have too much warm air on its eastern flank to produce an all snow event. No big warm ups, no sustained cold or arctic outbreaks but lots of precipitation and raw conditions.
Major League Baseballs opening day in 50 days may have several postponements as the northern states may have a difficult time in warming up a starting pitcher.

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