A Water Crisis For The Ages

West central Connecticut continues to be in a very serious drought situation with historic low levels of water in city and town reservoirs. Pictured above is Wasel Reservoir in Southington owned by the city of New Britain and the water levels are startling low as you can see. Rainfall has been below normal for the last three years with last year at only 31 inches when the normal rainfall should be around 46 inches. The last time there was such a severe drought in Connecticut was in the middle 1960’s, fifty years ago. Droughts like the one we’re experiencing now is cyclical and will continue for at least the next six months. It will take two years to get our local reservoir to capacity under normal conditions. The city of New Britain is purchasing water daily from The Metropolitan District Commission in Hartford to push water levels up close to 50%. Since December 1st, 5 millions gallons of untreated water are pumped daily from the MDC into New Britain’s water supply and will continue until the end of this month. So please be conscientious with your daily water usage so we can soon end this historic drought.

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