Will this winter be a bust?

After looking at new prognostics using a combination of European and American atmospheric models the rest of January will average some 5 degrees or more above average with very little if any snow in the forecast. However there will be a few opportunities of rain tomorrow night and Wednesday morning, Saturday and a significant rain storm early next week followed by mild temperatures. The jury is still out for February, but there will be a reconfiguration of the jet stream in a position that favors snow and colder temperatures. Last year we were in a major El Nino pattern allowing warm moist Pacific air to move transcontinental over the entire nation highlighting a much warmer than normal winter. El Nino is gone now which is evident as strong storms move down from the Gulf of Alaska pummeling the west coast with snow and heavy rains. It may be our turn as we turn the page to a new month in a couple of weeks.

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