Play Ball! Not Quite.

The crack of the bat. The sound of the crowd cheering. The booming voice of the umpire “You’re out”. The smell of hot dogs, popcorn and beer. Excited children scrambling for foul balls. The home opener for the New Britain Bees is 102 days away which feels unattainable right now. Frigid temperatures and yesterdays snow event has created a long dark cold shadow, but as each new day unfolds the sun angle gets higher and creates hope for a new season. We still need to get through the coldest core of winter the next four weeks but by then spring will hopefully be in sight. This week will start off bitterly cold with temperatures near zero tomorrow morning but how about the 50’s by Friday. Can you say January thaw?
(Picture above was from a New Britain Bees game last September). Can you feel it?

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