What’s up with the warm winter

(WxToons by CMiano) After coming off the warmest December to date, January follows up with temperatures 4.5 degrees above normal. Officially Connecticut has had only 3.5 inches of recorded snowfall to date (At Bradley International Airport). The average to date should be close to 30 inches. So what’s the culprit for such a mild, snowless winter? Greenhouse gases surrounded the globe? Or just climate cycles we encounter every several years. I would say it’s a combination of both. 2015 has been the warmest year ever recorded on the earth as the industrial countries continue release carbon gases into our atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect causing warming conditions in all corners of the globe. Also locally in the states a very strong El Nino wave arrived from the Pacific Ocean not allowing the traditional arctic cold fronts from sinking down from Canada and above. But there’s still time that we may get a decent snowstorm or two. Stay tuned.

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