Cold to the core. This February could be the coldest ever

With new data coming in daily it appears that this stretch of very cold conditions may last for another two weeks which will bring us to the end of the month and may smash all records as being the coldest February ever. As of today we are averaging some 9 degrees below normal for the month. Very intense arctic outbreaks are plunging directly at us from the polar region instead of descending into the upper Midwestern states and making that left turn towards us where the cold air has a chance to moderate. We may feel the core of the cold by the end of this week when temperatures will be 5-15 below zero in the morning and a high struggling to get to 10 degrees. A deep snowpack will enhance the bite of the cold considerably. But keep in mind, these chilling bubbles of dense air masses will soon retreat north as the sun angle gets higher in the sky.┬áHere’ s a warming thought…. Daylight Savings Time begins four weeks from today!

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