April a month of laughter and tears

New England poets have been inspired by the regions early spring weather in April which brings on laughter, but at times languished because winters grip doesn’t let go. Snow fields still deep in eastern Canada retaining their wintery chill controls our weather here as the northern branch of the jet stream sends the super cooled winds to blanket us at times in April.

It’s a fact the tears will be filling our eyes from the biting cold wind that will be rattling the bird feeders the next couple of days. We may not see temperatures get above 40 degrees until Thursday. Wind chills will have a common number of teens and twenties making it feel right out of  mid February. Dress more for a mid winter football game tomorrow in New York for both the Yankees and Mets baseball game. But all this nonsense of early April cold will be a distant memory bringing on smiles and laughter as  more real springtime weather is just around the corner.


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